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Minimize the possibilities for error. Please ask for our assistance package where one of our agents will send you a step by step guide and personalized assistance in order to walk you through the process.
From the moment that we receive your documents, you can be guaranteed that we use the outmost confidentiality and care in handling your information and preparing your documents.

About US

Professional Team
Our team of professionals is led by our Vice President, Mrs. Sanchez, who served as Consul General in Washington, D.C. for a ten year period. She was the former president of the Ibero-American Consular Corp, and is an expert in processing passports, visas, and international consular documents. She is a lawyer and former judge from her country of origin and remains a member of the Inter-American Bar Association.
We know the meaning of the word "urgent" and we are aware of the responsibility involved in the handling of sensitive documents. We also understand very well that behind every passport that we handle, each visa that we process, there is a personal history , an important business, and a goal to be accomplished. Therefore, we make a special effort to give the best personal and confidential service every day because we feel committed to help our clients achieve successful results.

Extra care for your highly sensitive documents
We are fully aware that whenever someone is giving us a document to be processed, he/she is entrusting us with highly personal and sensitive information. It is for this reason that we work with the highest standards of confidentiality and care and we process our documents directly with the authorities, under our personal care, without any intermediaries.


IAG offers our clients a timely and effective response

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Business Visa to China
Need a VisaBusiness Visas (F Visas) are issued to a foreigner who is invited to China for a business visit, an investigation, a lecture, scientific,-technological and cultural exchanges, short-term advanced studies or an internship for a period of no more than six months.

Tourist Visa to China
Need a VisaTourist Visas (L Visas) are issued to a foreigner who wants to visit China for sightseeing or to visit family or friends as well as for other personal affairs. [more]

Work Visa to China

Need a VisaEmployment Visas (Z Visas) are issued to a foreigner who intends to move to China for a post or employment, as well as for their accompanying family members. [more]