Visas to China  

Foreign Reporters Visa (J1 – J2)

Journalist (J-1) Visa is issued to a foreign journalist who will be posted in China for at least one year.

  • The accompanying family members or dependents of the journalist should also apply for a J-1 Visa.
  • Accompanying staff who  will not be working as   journalists and are not the accompanying dependents of the journalist , should apply for a work visa (Z)

A Journalist (J-2) Visa is issued to a foreign journalist who will be on a temporary  journalistic mission to China.

Validity of the Visa

Both Visas (J1 and J2) are usually single entry visas and are valid for a period of three months from the date of issue.

The person of a J-1 visa will be required to go through the residential process at their local Chinese Public Security Department within 30 days of entry into China.

Visa Requirements:

  1. Passport: Your passport must be valid for at least six months from your planned departure date and have at least one blank page in it.  

    • The amendment pages in the back of the passport are not suitable for visa stamps. If you do not have any blank visa pages in your passport, you must first apply to have additional pages added to your passport
    • If your passport expires within six months, you must first apply to renew your passport.

    We can assist you in obtaining a new US passport, in renewing your current one, and in obtaining additional visa pages for your current valid passport. We will secure your visa using the added pages or your new passport.

  2. One completed Visa Application Form (Q1). NOTE: Improperly completed forms may delay the processing of your visa.
  3. One passport picture in color, front view and with a plain/light background.
  4. One copy of your round trip airline tickets and hotel reservation.
  5. Click here for China Consular Fees and the visa processing options. The China Consular Fee and the Inter-American Group Service Fee must be paid separately.
  6. Two Letters of Authorization to process your visa.
  7. One completed Customer Order Form.
  8. An Official Invitation from China: Journalists seeking visas to China must first obtain the proper invitation documents from the relevant Chinese news authorities before submitting their visa application. The documents submitted must be originals and must clearly state the term of his or her stay in China and the reason for the visit.
  9. Family Members and Dependents of a Reporter: Kinship certificates or documents (marriage or birth certificates, etc.) should be included with the application.

Pre-Requisites for a Journalist J-1 Visa:

  1. Establishment of an Office in China:

    A foreign media organization must establish a resident office in China before sending resident reporters. The foreign media organization should first submit a written application to the Information Department of the Chinese Foreign Ministry directly, or through the Chinese embassy or consulate. The application must be signed by the legal representative of the organization and should include: 

    (1) A profile of the media organization concerned. 
    (2) Name of the building and city in which the office is to be established, its business scope, the number of staff, as well as the name, gender, age, nationality, capacity and work experience of the office chief and staff. 
    (3) A copy of the media organization's registration certificate issued by its home country.

  2. Application to Send a Resident Reporter:

    Once a foreign media organization has established a resident office in China, they may apply to send a Resident Reporter to China.  The written application should be submitted to the Information Department directly or through the Chinese embassy or consulate. The application should be signed by its head (chairman, president, vice president, editor-in-chief, deputy editor-in-chief, president or vice president of the radio/TV station, etc.) and should include: 

    (1) A profile of the media organization concerned. 
    (2) The name, gender, age, nationality, capacity, and resume of the reporter, and the city where he/she is to be based. 
    (3) The reporter’s professional credentials.

    **If two or more foreign media organizations wish to send the same individual as their Resident Reporter in China, they should go through the above-mentioned procedures separately and indicate in their respective applications the post which the reporter will concurrently hold.

Additional Requirements for a Journalist J-2 Visas:

    1. An application letter requesting permission to cover news in China signed by the head of the foreign media organization.  The letter must include a detailed explanation of the planned programs in China including a list of the reporter(s) who will be visiting, their date of arrival and departure, the venue(s) they will be attending, and the subject of their news coverage.
    2. An invitation letter from the Chinese interviewee.
    3. The applicant's passport, copies of his/her professional journalist credentials and contact information.
    4. Completed Equipment Declaration Form if the reporter(s) intend(s) to bring reporting equipment of his/her (their) own into China.


    Please send the above documents via Courier Service, FEDEX, UPS or Airport Delivery to the following address, and email with the tracking number:
    Inter-American Group, Inc. –
    1717 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. Suite 900
    Washington, D.C. 20006

    • If you have any questions, please contact us.
    • The Chinese Embassy will not accept Visa applications by mail. Applicants must either contract with a passport agency like Inter-American Group or apply in person.
    • Please read the relevant application instructions.
    • Submitted Visa applications must be filled out completely and correctly.

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